Fibre Optic Galaxy Dining Table

Original price was: £2,000.00.Current price is: £1,500.00.


Measuring 200cm x 100cm and 60mm thick
This stunning one of a kind dining table is coated in an epoxy resin finish, with a scratch resistant top coat to make it much more durable.

The table contains approx. 75 fibre optic lights below the surface which can be turned on and off using a mobile phone app. The colour can also be changed and made brighter etc. They need to be plugged in for this to work (plug included). These fibre optic lights are the stars shown in the images.

The legs are attached using furniture bolts which go into threaded inserts on the underside of the table; this means they can be removed and reattached multiple times without damaging the table. These are powder coated and can be glossed (ask before purchasing).

We also make these bespoke tables to order, please get in touch if you would like a quote.

We will handle the delivery to make sure it does not get damaged during transport.

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