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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you epoxy over my kitchen worktops?

Yes. We can seal your current worktops and epoxy over them while they are still in situe. Everything will be protected and within a few days you can use your kitchen once again.

Can you epoxy over a piece of furniture I already have?

Yes. If it is made of wood, ceramic or certain other materials then we can. We can even remove and dents and scratches the furniture currently has and bring it back to life.

How many years should I expect it to last?

There’s no real reason why our resin won’t last many years if it is looked after properly. It is completely sealed and watertight so you don’t need to do much maintenance wise. If after several years it is scratched or looking dull we can put a new clear top coat on and make it look brand new again.

Does it have to be a glossy finish?

No. We offer a unique top coat that can be done in matte or gloss. All resin is glossy without this top coat.

What if my worktop gets damaged or a deep scratch?

As long as the scratch isn’t too deep we can usually buff it out. If it has gone through the top coat we can sand the surface and add a new top coat then the whole piece will look as good as new.

How long will it take to make me a custom coffee table?

From the day we have the exact design, measurements and table legs in stock, it will take roughly one week to the moment the table is touch dry. From there, it is best to wait 5 days for it to be at it’s most durable stage.

How durable is it going to be when its finished?

Epoxy resin is a very durable finish that is long lasting. We offer a top coat finish that comes in matte or gloss that makes it even stronger and completely UV resistant.

Is there somewhere I can view some samples?

Yes. We try to upload many of our samples on this website, also we have a showroom that you can visit where we keep almost all our samples and stock that is ready to buy. Or you can check out our Instagram or Facebook pages to see more examples of our work.

What if I want a design or colour that you don’t have a sample of?

Don’t worry. We can make you your very own sample based on your ideas. We will make multiple samples until you are happy with one and then project it onto the final product.

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